Welcome to Fidelity Rugged.

Getac V110

Fidelity Rugged is the newest extension of Fidelity Networks.  We have been helping businesses all over the country with rugged and semi rugged solutions.  Our goal is to make your solution fit in your workflow and be helpful for your team for years to come.  We do that by offering excellent products that are paired with other outstanding products, then backing it up with unbeatable  service from the manufacturers we have chosen and our team.

We try to keep things simple.


The best first step is to have a call with one of our representatives.  Here we can discuss your workflow and best options.  If needed, our team can be onsite and we work with manufacturers that are willing to be on site as well.


No one likes jumping into something new without a good test run.  We can offer our customers a test run of the equipment before purchase.  We partner with manufacturers that believe in this concept as well.


Next we make a plan.  Here our experience shines through as we sweat the details.  A rugged deployment may only take a few months but we try to look at the big picture.  What are your plans in 3 years in 5 years?  Is financing something you should consider?  Our goal isn’t to win a quick deal and never talk again.  We see our customers as friends and partners.


Let’s get everything put together.  Fidelity Rugged and Fidelity Networks can help with your entire solution.  From imaging, to installation, and deployment.  We aren’t happy until you are happy.  We push our partners to make sure every deployment exceeds expectations.

Follow Up

Is it just me or does it seem like whenever you hang up the phone that is when you remember that one last question?  Not to worry!  We work hard to check in often to help make sure everything is on track.


We look forward to working with you and helping you accomplish your goals.