Rugged Laptops

Rugged Laptops

We can all agree that we want officers to have the best tools available.  You wouldn’t ask an officer to go and purchase the cheapest gun he could find or the cheapest bullet proof vest.  Why on earth would we go that route in technology?

These rugged laptops keep officers on the street rather than in an office filling out paperwork or waiting to get a cheaper laptop fixed.  Cheaper laptops break down and an officer will have to come in for repairs.  What is the true cost of this.  Time.

It has been proven that solid reliable technology helps officers in the field.

In a world that always needs to stay connected and in environments where your technology may be the difference between life and death you have to go with equipment that can handle the most rigorous of situations.  Fidelity Networks and Fidelity Rugged specifically picked Getac computers as their primary partner for rugged laptop deployments.  All of these rugged devices have been proven in the field and all are backed by solid warranties.


V110 Spec Sheet

V110 Rugged PC Review

Very popular Rugged Computer for Police, Fire, and EMS.  Convertible screen makes it easy to use in many situations.

Fully Rugged.  3 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty Included.  Getacs are customer machines.  Please contact a Fidelity rep for to get pricing on a custom device perfect for your team.



S410 Spec Sheet

Popular for Administration and also for departments on a budget.  Semi Rugged computer.  This model you can spill coffee on… the fully rugged models you can spray down with a hose.

Semi-Rugged Device.  3 Year Standard Warranty, B2B warranty can be added for a fee.



B300 Spec Sheet

Fully Rugged Laptop 13.3″.  Can be highly customized.  A very popular model for those with no use of tablet or that plan on leaving a computer in a vehicle all the time.

Fully Rugged Device.  5 Year Bumper to Bumper warranty Included.



X500 Spec Sheet

Flagship Ultra Rugged Laptop Model.  Military Grade 15.6″ Screen lots of customization.  Most powerful ultra rugged notebook.  Good for Military.

Ultra Rugged Device.  5 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranty Included



X500 Server

X500 Server Spec Sheet

X500 Ultra Rugged Laptop built to be a server and hold up to 5TB of storage in RAID 0,1,5.

Ultra Rugged Device.  5 Year Bumper to Bumper warranty included.