Should Moonlighting Police Leave on Body Cameras?

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A recent ABC article asks the question.  Should Moonlighting police leave their body cameras behind.  The biggest issue comes from the cost side.  Most police departments get into body cameras and in car video without really thinking about the cost of their retention policies and how much data they will actually accumulate.  They choose to go the easy route which is going with a cloud based option.  We at Fidelity Networks believe that there is a place for cloud only deployments but most of the time a hybrid or onsite approach may be cheaper for larger departments.

There are advantages for cloud including.

  • Knowing your data is secured at the highest level.
  • Not having to pay to power the equipment
  • Not having to maintain the equipment
  • Redundancy

There are advantages for onsite storage:

  • Cheaper per MB cost
  • Multiple options including Tape, HDD, SSD
  • Ability to catalog and retain data
  • Local Access

Usually the answer lies somewhere in between … which is called a hybrid model.  Contact us today if you have questions on how to store your in car video and body camera data.