Grant Writing

Grant Information

Having trouble within your operational budget.  Fidelity Networks is here to help.  Through our partnership with Getac we have the ability to offer free grant assistance.  All that needs to happen is you need to get a quote from Fidelity Networks for any of the Getac products that are available.  From there you can present your quote to the department that will help you.

Police Grants

Fire Grants

EMS Grants

Government Grants

Education Grants

What is a Grant?

Grants are direct monetary assistance to an organization to undertake a specific project or program.  Grants are used to help fund solutions to identified problems within a community.  Grants can come from the Federal and State level as well as private resources.

How do I Get a Grant for My Department?

Your first step should be to call a Fidelity Networks’ employee and get a quote for what you are needing.  This quote can be used in our partnership to get the first part of the grant writing process out of the way… finding what grants are available.

From there you will have to submit an application or proposal.  This is a considerable amount of research and work.  It is also very competitive… everyone wants that “Free” money.

From there I would reach out to one of the websites above.  If you need a direct contact please reach out to Fidelity Networks and we will do our best to assist.