Software for Rugged Solutions

Looking to add those final touches onto your deployment?

Consider these tested and proven solutions to help protect your investment and move it to the next level.  Again, these are proven solutions that are used in rugged deployments all over the country.


Fidelity Networks is partnered with CloudRoute a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) which means we have access to a full suite of cloud-based Microsoft products to help increase productivity and security.  We are able to offer all levels of Office 365 and migration services to help transfer your existing email if needed.

Here is the exciting part…

CloudRoute has set us up a user portal that will allow your admin to add and remove users on a month by month basis.  This allows you to keep cost down rather than signing a full year contract with Microsoft directly.  They also offer a chance to fully audit your current set up to see if you are spending too much on your current Microsoft bill.

Free Audit and Consultation


Securing your environment is a top priority of Fidelity Networks.  We have partnered with Checkpoint Security a leader in security to help with everything from Firewalls to the cloud.  With the amount of data that is now taken in through video, computers, etc.  Protecting your data should be one of your top priorities.  The last thing you want is to see your department on the news for being hit with Ransom ware.  We even offer a free security checkup to see if your security is where it needs to be.  Want a deeper dive we can send Checkpoint out to do full evaluation.

VuLock Software

Never Sacrifice safety in the modern work environment.  VuLock software automatically removes the distraction of computers and handheld devices while a vehicle is in motion and without interfering with data transfer

NetMotion Software

Prevent the frustrations of working in a mobile environment with better mobile performance.  One of the key features of this software is the ability for it to “hold” data and the send it when the connection improves so workers don’t see momentary drops and lose the progress they have made on a report.