Mobile Routers

Mobile Routers

Mobile Vehicle Routing has developed rapidly over the past decade.  Wireless connectivity has played a large role in this.  Fleets require reliable and always-on Internet connectivity to keep up with their software that is constantly developing.  Keeping up with these standards allows for improved productivity, fleet management, and increased communication.

There are multiple options available for in-vehicle networking solutions.  At Fidelity Networks are goal is to get the solutions that is right for you.

Choosing the Right Solution

Option 1 USB Modems

These devices provide the user with plug and play access to 4G LTE wireless connectivity.  Sold as part of a mobile data contract, they are widely available for both consumers and businesses from all network carriers.


Option 2 MiFi

These devices are personal WiFi Hotspots.  Similar to the USB modems but you don’t have to plug them in.  You can typically connect up to about 5 devices.

Option 3 3G/4G/LTE Enterprise Grade Routers

Wireless Routers provide a secure, reliable, and super fast connectivity over a choice of networks, with extended features and capabilities.


Wireless routers provide the most reliable and secure solution for connectivity.  They allow for remote access and cloud management which makes them easy to implement and maintain.  They are more costly upfront but deliver the greatest return as a long term solutions.  While other options give a lower initial cost, they are more expensive  long term because of hardware replacement, engineer adjustments, and in-person troubleshooting.

Recommended Options for Rugged Mobile Routing


Spec Sheet

Model Comparison

The ruggedized COR IBR1100 has been purposely built for in-vehicle networking, delivering the latest and best mobile technology features that an organization may need.The COR IBR1100 brings with it a new age of rugged wireless in-vehicle networking, with an industry-leading feature set that includes:

Super-tough & fully ruggedized:

Boasting an extensive list of safety and hardening certifications, the Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 is engineered to protect against extreme temperatures, humidity, shocks, vibrations, dust, water splash, reverse polarity, and transient voltage. This solution is the most rugged router on the market today.

Enhanced WiFi:

Offering the latest 802.11ac WiFi and allowing up to 128 devices to connect at one time, the COR IBR1100 offers the best possible WiFi connectivity both inside and outside the vehicle. You can easily cloud-configure your network to make it as secure or as open as needed.


Monitor, configure, and upgrade geographically dispersed systems without requiring on-site technical resources. Improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance the intelligence of your network – Cradlepoint helps you maximize the benefits of the cloud without losing your Internet connection when you need it the most.

Cloud Manager Info

FirstNet/Band 14 ready:

Cradlepoint’s modular modem design allows you to futureproof your network to be FirstNet/Band 14 ready. As your network grows and new services for public safety are developed, you can simply add the new FirstNet/Band 14 ready modem to your router without ripping and replacing equipment.


Cradlepoint’s optional dual-modem dock for the COR IBR1100 series provides flexibility in deployment with additional bandwidth or failover capability across multiple carriers. Wireless-to-wireless failover ensures mission-critical applications stay online when you need them most. A second modem can also be
used to augment bandwidth for applications like passenger WiFi, video, or cloud access to ensure an ideal quality of experience.