Video Storage

Video Storage can easily end up being the biggest issue in a video solution.  Each state/city/town may have it’s own retention policy along with it’s own level of expertise on storage.  Fidelity Networks is here to help

Getac Veretos Cloud

With the Veretos mobile video system, you decide how you want to store your data.  You can upload evidence locally to your own servers behind department firewalls or leverage the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud platform.  Either way, we’ll help you get set up so you can easily and securely store, view and share your digital evidence.  The same system can be used for evidence management, unit configuration management and ALPR.

Fidelity Networks Cloud Storage

With our partners at CloudRoute not only can we help with setting up Office 365, Email, or Intune (mobile device management)…  We can help set your storage on a monthly cost.  Moving your storage cost from a capital expense to a monthly operating expense.  This will allow you to keep your cash on hand for the inevitable emergency projects that seem to always pop up.  This storage option will allow you to change your storage amount as needed as often as a month to month basis.

Onsite Storage Options

Fidelity Networks is partnered with Dell, HP, Quantum and many other storage solutions.  If your team has the experience to manage it’s own storage we can help get discounted pricing for you to get you set up with the correct solution.

Hybrid Storage

Looking for a mix between the two.  Maybe you want control of your most recent data and want to make sure your old data is stored on the cloud.  There are cloud options that will allow you to store archived data at very low prices.  Maybe you want the reverse?  Store your recent data on the cloud where it is easily replicated and easily accessed and all your archived data can be store at the office on a something like inexpensive tape drives.  Either way we are here to help.